About Our Company

About us

We founded Woodmora in 2022 with the goal of beautifying a million houses. There were just 35 designs in our catalogue at the time. However, when our consumers told us about their experiences, we were ecstatic. We noticed that their houses were surprisingly different when we took photos of them. This revealed something to us. People desire their homes to be one-of-a-kind. We are a species that is innovative, creative, and expressive. And our homes are just one of the many blank canvases we have. We've realised that we're not only here to sell well-designed things anymore. We’re here to assist you in creating environments that reflect who you are. We want you at Woodmora to rediscover the pleasure of creation Begin with your own home. We ask you to consider the following: Creating a room may be an invigorating and creative endeavour. To give life to a lifeless body rooms based on your ideas. Take a few square feet of nothing and turn it into something any thing lovely.

Our Core Values

Customer Obsession: At Woodmora, our customers are at the centre of all we do. In all of our activities, we make certain that we achieve the proper client solution. Every customer is given the opportunity to build a long-term connection with us, and we strive to please them in every engagement. We want to be the global standard for customer satisfaction.

Honesty and Transparency: We act in a way that is honest, ethical, and trustworthy. In all of our operations, we maintain the highest levels of corporate governance activities. We maintain open lines of communication with all of our stakeholders. When we're together, When we make a mistake, we are open and honest about it.

Action Orientation: We have a strong desire to take action. We provide our teams the authority to make decisions. Decisions that are quick and well-informed. We iterate and learn from our mistakes all the time mistakes. As we progress, scalability and robustness are added in.

Taking Charge: We take the initiative, go the extra mile, and think outside the box to find solutions. Solutions that are unique When in doubt, we work harder to address newer problems to overcome obstacles and find better answers.

Efficiency: Our goal is to create a long-term, sustainable company. We intend to accomplish this. More with less and a zero-waste mindset We believe that a self-sustaining economy is possible. Business will be responsible and address consumer issues appropriately.

Join us as a partner.
Every day, we add lovely new things to our collection to assist our customers in beautifying their homes. If you'd like to join us on our mission to build a million beautiful houses, please contact us at mag@woodmora.com.