Atulya Arts - Offering Acrylic 3D Large Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers with 10 But

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  • {Second Point} PRODUCT MATERIAL - Hexagon mirror wall sticker decal is made of plastic; the surface has a mirror type reflection & the back has a self adhesive tape on it. NOTE - There is a protective film on the surface of the mirror to prevent the mirror from dust & scratches, please peel it off after pasting the product on the desired place, the mirror will give clear reflection. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MIRROR WITH PROTECTIVE FILM ON IT IS BLURRED
  • {Third Point} SUITABLE SURFACES - Atulya Arts 3D acrylic mirror stickers has a mirror type reflection, but these are not real mirrors and are only recommended to use for decoration purpose. Please use decorative wall stickers on CLEAN, DRY, DUST FREE & SMOOTH wall surface only, such as plastic surface, smooth wall papers, smooth glass surface, wood surface, smooth ceramic tiles, metal surface, Latex painted/ brush painted walls. PLEASE DONOT USE IT ON POWDER-COATED OR UNEVEN WALLS
  • {Fourth Point} WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION - Decorate your walls with 3D acrylic wall stickers for decoration, ideal to decorate offices, ideal to make great gift too, 3D wall stickers for living room, bedroom walls, kids room, drawing room, refrigerator, mirror stickers for walls, doors, windows, acrylic stickers for living room walls, children's playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch and many more
  • {Fifth POINT} COLOURS available- Explore a wide range of home decoration item to decorate your dream home like Diwali decoration with ATULYA ARTS product only. These acrylic mirror wall stickers are available in different colours like SILVER wall stickers, GOLDEN, RED, BLUE & BLACK

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